• Treatment chair

    Treatment chair

    Soaric guarantees maximum flexibility for you and your assistants: The slim design of the backrest provides you with optimum access to the patient and maximum legroom at the same time. The precision fine adjustment of the treatment chair is carried out in slow-speed mode. This means that Soaric is particularly suitable for treatment with the microscope. Patients do not notice the chair being adjusted. Getting onto Soaric at a low level is made easy for patients by its variable height.

  • Dentist’s element

    Dentist’s element

    The swivelling dentist’s element can be adjusted to suit the height of the practitioner and allows safe choice and replacement of instruments. In addition, the instrument holders can be swivelled and offer even more freedom of movement. The instrument holders can be used open or closed depending on requirements. The integrated switch-in hose strain relief takes the strain off your hand and finger muscles during treatment. Instrument parameters are controlled using the operator panel.

  • Assistant’s element

    Assistant’s element

    The telescopic extension with vertically adjustable swivel arm can always be moved into the ideal position. The sleek design allows positioning between the assistant and patient. The treatment chair, OP light, suction, cuspidor-rinsing and tumbler-filling functions are all controlled from the operator panel.

  • Monitor


    Soaric is ideal for the connection of a monitor, making treatment easier for you because you have all parameters in view at all times without the need for any great head movement. This allows transmission of the image on the display of the dentist’s element to the large screen. Depending on the design, you can attach the monitor to a variety of areas.

  • Upholstery


    The material developed according to latest ergonomic findings guarantees to the patient evenly distributed body pressure and prevents heat build-up. As a result, your patients are always lying comfortable and relaxed – even during longer treatment phases.

  • Treatment chair

    Soaric guarantees maximum flexibility for you and your assistants.

  • Dentist’s element

    The dentist’s element of the Soaric assists you during treatment with greater comfort, ease and intuition.

  • Assistant’s element

    Space-saving and multiply positionable – the telescopic extension with vertically adjustable swivel arm.

  • Monitor

    With the Soaric-Monitor you have all parameters in view at all times.

  • Upholstery

    For the unit upholstery, you can choose from among ten attractive colours.

Flexible and intuitive handling for optimal ease and excellence of treatment

Soaric offers a wide range of optional system components for all forms of treatment: Patient chairs with one–piece seat or foldaway foot section, swivel arm or suspended tray and lots of other options – the choice is huge.

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