The unusual gives the world its value.
taken from Oscar Wilde

The design concept used in Soaric has “functionality” as its credo: The treatment unit combines this with the ideas associated with the further development of the Bauhaus epoch into a so-called “second modernity”, where form and functionality intertwine in a way that instils a sense of peace and security into the perception of the observer. This is the ideal that Soaric achieves, creating an atmosphere where patients feel comfortable. At the same time its general appearance and carefully selected materials underline the professionalism of the dentist using it. Only the best-quality materials, with smooth and therefore hygienic surfaces, were used in the crafting of Soaric.

Soaric’s “genetic code” is a combination of modern, timeless design and high-quality materials, ensuring that it will last. Soaric is not a product that will stay “in vogue” for just a short time, instead it is a product of the quality for which Morita is renowned, whose “look” as well as its practical functions will survive the passage of time.

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